Our Team

The advocacy strategy was developed by forming a leadership team consisting of parents of children with cancer with professional backgrounds that ensured our success.

Helena Kirk
Helena Kirk is the 14 year old cancer survivor who founded Helena’s Hope.
Helena KirkCo-Founder
Sarah Calderwood
Proud Mom to Helena Kirk. Sarah is the owner of Stirling Marketing & Communications and has over 20 years of experience in the health sector working for some of Canada’s best health brands.
Sarah CalderwoodCo-Founder
Adrienne Co-Dyre
Proud mom of 10 year old Gabby, a 3x leukemia survivor, and a fierce advocate for pediatric cancer patients and families. Adrienne is an Academic Library Director with almost 20 years of experience running academic libraries, research services and programs.
Adrienne Co-DyreDirector of Strategy and Alliances
Caroline Wai
Caroline is a health policy specialist and program planner, with a focus on equity issues. She is also a proud Mom, a Momcologist and an advocate.
Caroline WaiDirector of Policy and Strategy
Kathy Motton
Proud Mom to a son who is in remission for stage IV Hepatoblastoma. Kathy has over 10 years of communications and marketing experience in the non-profit, consumer, tourism, hospitality, financial, technology, and fashion sectors.
Kathy MottonDirector of Communications
Joy Gandell
Proud Momcologist of a daughter in remission from Ewing’s Sarcoma. Joy is an Executive Function Life Coach helping teenagers, young adults and adults who struggle with their executive functions due to ADHD, ASD and/or Learning Differences.
Joy GandellDirector of Operations and Outreach

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