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Join the Fight
Here are ways you can help us!

  1. Join us. If you are a family with children, adolescents or young adults that are fighting or have survived cancer, please contact us through our Facebook Group HERE
  2. Let your federal MP and and Provincial MPP that you want more support for childhood cancer
  3. Spread the word on social media. Like our Facebook Group HERE. Please share posts, like, and comment on our content using #HelenasHope.
  4. Fund us. All our work is 100% volunteer driven, but we do have a few out of pocket expenses like travel to meetings at Parliament Hill, website costs, design costs and materials such as media or social media content. Please donate HERE.

Thank you for any and all your support!

Contact us!

Please note we are 100% volunteer driven by busy kids, Moms and Dads. Please be patient, we will do the best to get back to you soon!
Please add country name if you are outside Canada