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Hi, I am Helena and I am a 13 year old cancer survivor.
I am the founder of Helena’s Hope with a goal to find pathways to more kids surviving cancer. Helena’s Hope is supported by over 150 Canadian childhood cancer families from 8 Provinces who are collaboratively advocating the government for increased funding and access to early stage clinical trials and innovative treatments.

Please share this letter with any candidate running for the federal election this fall.

For more information and how to help support us click here!

Proposal given to the Minister of Health by Helena in April 2018 with Ac2orn and C17 that has 31 Cancer Organizations and 30 leading pediatric oncology clinicians and researchers support the proposal.
Front Page of the Globe and Mail (May 17, 2018) and very supportive follow-up editorial (May 20, 2018).
Global National TV News feature (May 21, 2018)

You can see the statement I delivered to Health Canada in august 2018 here

This video explains why we are advocating our Canadian government for changes on behalf of childhood cancer warriors (Video Credit: Key West Videos):

Here is my speech in the Canadian Parliament building to the All Party Women’s Caucus, to give you an idea of what I am advocating for: