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Letter to share with your *federal* MP or and candidate running in the federal election. 

Find your Federal MP by using your postal code

We need your help – can you spare 5 Minutes to share a letter with candidates that want your vote this fall in the federal election?

I am Helena Kirk, a 13 year old childhood cancer survivor and advocate. Me and the 150+ families who’ve joined me, have been speaking to their MPs to gain their support in this issue. In this election year, we are asking all Canadians to join us by downloading this letter, printing or emailing candidates that want YOUR vote. Please let them know you think that cancer, the #1 cause of death by disease for the youngest Canadians, is important to you. 

What are we asking for in the letter?

We are asking for $17.5 million over 5 year to ensure more Canadian kids, teens and young adults survive cancer.

The proposal we have has been endorse by 30 leading pediatric oncologists, 31 cancer organizations and the national news media. We want young Canadians to have fair, fast and safe access to clinical trials and new cancer  treatments – no matter where they live in Canada or how much money their family has, my goal is to find more pathways for cancer kids, teens and young adults who are still in treatment to be survivors like me.

To learn more, read the Proposal that I gave the Minister of Health HERE, or watch a short video of me making a statement on Parliament Hill HERE and read the Globe & Mail front page article HERE. There’s also loads more national media coverage HERE.

Please print the letter and share at your door with any candidates that knock or email candidates directly. 

To find your MP name and address (click their name and address pops up) by your postal code, go here:


No need for a stamp – it is free to mail your federal representative. Email is also effective to reach your MP. Thank you for your support!

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