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Our Goals
Helena Kirk has a campaign she calls “Helena’s Hope: Pathways to more kids surviving cancer”.  She is advocating for changes that the federal government could lead that would help more kids survive cancer. Her statement to Health Canada in August 2018 is here.

Over 30 leading pediatric oncologists and researchers and 31 cancer organizations have endorsed the Proposal that was presented to the Minister of Health in April 2018 and reported on by both National and Local media (see media centre for full list).

The  contains two requests:

  1. Enabling access to early phase clinical trials:

Provincial governments rarely, if ever, grant access to phase 1 or 2 clinical trials offered outside of their province or in the United States. We are living in a golden age of cancer research breakthroughs, with trials that could save a child’s life who would otherwise receive a terminal diagnosis. Currently, kids can only access these trials on the rare occasion that their province has approved it, or if their family can find the funds privately.

Some of the best cancer researchers in the world live and work in Canada, but Canadian kids are unable to access their efforts or are delayed significantly enough that they are dying while they wait.

  1. CAYA Oncology Patient Engagement Collaborative Working Group

Establish a collaborative working group with Health Canada for two-way conversations, with patient, family and expert engagement, that identifies challenges and initiates solutions to move forward on improvements in CAYA cancers. The working group will explore the funding and policy changes required to make meaningful and deep changes to federal health systems that impact CAYA cancer treatment, research and survivorship.

Ultimately, we would like to see the first a National Childhood Cancer Strategic Plan to ensure that Canadian cancer kids get the best possible chance at surviving and leading a long and healthy life. This plan needs to include mechanisms to engage patients, survivors and families. In addition the creation of a National Pediatric Oncology Ethics Review board to ensure fast, fair and safe access for cancer kids to clinical trials and treatments.

MP/Ministers in 2018 who are following our journey and lending support:
(In no particular order)
Minister Patty Hajdu
2. Minister Philpott
3. MP Erskine-Smith
4. MP Anita Vandenbeld
5. MP Julie Dabrusin
6. MP Kate Young
7. MP Kristy Duncan
8. MP Judy Sgro
9. MP Neil Ellis
10. MP Geng Tan
11. MP Bryan May
12. MP Boris Wrzesnewskyj
13. MP Larry Miller
14. MP James Maloney
15. MP Leona Alleslev
16. MP Rachael Harder
17. MP Kelly Block
18. MP Frank Baylis
19. Minister Mona Fortier
20. MP Anne Minh-ThuQuach
21. Minister Bill Blair
22. MP Kim Rudd
23. MP Bernadette Jordan
24. MP Kevin Waugh
25. MP Bob Nault
26. MP Ali Ehsassi
27. MP Harold Albrecht
28. MP Pierre Poilievre
29. MP Marilyn Gladu
30. MP Alex Nutall
31. MP Jean Yip
32. MP Anthony Housefather
33. MP Bossio
34. MP Jennifer O’Connell
…and more each week!

Last updated August 12, 2018